Port of Lost Wonder and Palawan Beach – A Great Day Trip in Singapore

Pirate ShipThis country is *hot*, so I’m always on the lookout for activities that involve water.  One of the best I’ve found is the Port of Lost Wonder.  Touted as “Singapore’s First Kids Club by the Beach”, Port of Lost Wonder (POLW) is located on Palawan Beach on Sentosa Island.  The main feature is a huge pirate ship-themed water play area complete with a *huge* water bucket drop and water slide.  When the park opens, the workers make an event of turning the water on by tasking the eager kids to run around and find hidden flags.  Once all the flags are found, water chaos commences.  This was a big hit with my two children.    Another activity that my kids LOVED was the “bubble party”, basically a large blow-up area resembling a moonbounce that bombards the kids with bubbles.   They looked like they were covered in shaving cream, it truly was hilarious.  Another hit was the visiting parrots show in the afternoon.    There were several other activities that we didn’t have time to try, but no doubt we will be back soon!  In addition, if you’re looking for a birthday party venue, POLW has a large area reserved for parties.

Another part of the park that stands out is the restaurant, Port Belly.  Instead of the usual mediocre snack stand, Port Belly offers a much wider range of food choices, spanning both Western and Asian cuisines.  In addition, they offer a full selection of beer, wine and cocktails at reasonable prices ( I don’t know about you, but sometime watching scores of kids running around screaming can make a margarita taste *very* good).  Service can be a a little slow, but once you place your order, you can return to your picnic spot and they will bring your food and drinks to you.  For leisure space, POLW provides both shaded picnic tables as well as many lounging cushions on the mostly-shaded grass.  Get there early to get a good spot!



Port of Lost Wonder is open daily from 10am-6:30pm.  Tickets are $8 a child on the weekday, $15 each on the weekends.  Adults are free with a paid child, and you can order tickets ahead of time.   I would recommend this, as the park only allows a set number of visitors per day.  Visit their website for more information.

Once you’ve had your fill of the Port of Lost Wonder, head to the adjacent Palawan Beach for a dip in the ocean.  There are a couple of beachfront restaurants, a play area, and my favorite part…a bridge linking Palawan to the “Southernmost Point of Continental Asia” (also Asia’s closest point to the equator).  The suspension bridge is fun to walk across, and the kids had a blast climbing the lookout points and just exploring the tiny island.


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