How to Beat the Crowds at Disney During Spring Break: A Site Recommendation

tourguidemike2The kids don’t know it yet, but we’re headed down to Orlando in a week and a half.  It was a relatively last minute trip; the stars aligned for us to visit the Omni Champions Gate (hotel in Orlando) and to take the kids to see some of the sites.

Hubby and I quickly decided that we’d surprise the kids.  They have no idea we’re going anywhere and our plan is to take them that morning and say, “surprise!  Instead of school, we’re headed to the airport!”  They will miss their last day of school before spring break and I don’t know what’s going to get them to shout the loudest but I know they’re going to be excited.

Because it’s Spring Break, I was a little afraid of going to Disney.  But with two kids and the whole surprise thing, I just knew I wouldn’t be able to have us head to Orlando and not visit Disney.

That’s when I remembered TourGuideMike.  Years ago, we used the site and service at the recommendation of a friend.  (Check out my review of from 2008!) It was the same deal – we were visiting during Spring Break and she said using was imperative to avoid the crowds.  Avoid the crowds?  During Spring Break?  Really?

We used it and we did manage to avoid waiting in almost any lines.  I don’t know how he does it, but somehow he knows when and where to go to get the best Disney experience you can!

You pay $21.95 for a year.  Wouldn’t you pay $22 to avoid the lines?  I know I would.  I’ve resigned up. Now you can’t share info as you are on your honor not to share what you see once you are on the site (the guy has to make his money somehow and I respect that!) but here’s a snapshot of a random day in March.  This is for a morning and afternoon at Hollywood Studios – yellow is a warning and red is a DON’T GO THERE for the evening.


We only go to parks when it’s green.

He has every day of your visit in the system.  You also fill out a short form letting them know the ages of the folks in your travel party, your preferences, and it will then also customize your experience on the site so you only see the attractions and restaurants that would be of interest to you!

I’ll report back in a few weeks and left you guys know how it goes but we’ve planned every morning and afternoon based on TourGuideMike’s recommendations and I don’t think we’ll be sorry!


  1. Brenda says

    What a fun surprise!!! Be sure to take a picture of their reaction when you tell them!!! Also, lots of pictures of your trip!!!

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