Orlando Restaurant Review: T-Rex in Downtown Disney

IMG_3441Have boys, or young kids, and looking for a fun spot to eat in downtown Disney? On a recent trip to Orlando, I went with the fam to T-Rex Cafe in Downtown Disney. If you’ve ever been to a Rainforest Cafe, you’ll get the gist of this restaurant. It’s a prehistoric-theme decor that comes to life every twenty minutes with a fun “show” that the kids get to enjoy while you sit and eat your meal.

Woolly Mammoths, T-Rexs and more move around and provide you with a sensory overload of fun while you dine. Not to mention the random meteor showers and random jungle sounds that play throughout your dining experience.


T-Rex Cafe is located in Downtown Disney but is not owned by Disney. I mention this because you can make reservations for lunch or dinner at T-Rex via the Disney Dining plan online site but they have a limited amount of reservations available. I tried for days to get reservations only to be told everything was taken. I picked up the phone and actually called and spoke to a person who told me they had plenty of room!
She said to always call each time – they only release a certain amount of tables at any given time to Disney. (Note – our server did ask us if we were on the Disney Dining Plan so apparently you can pay that way. We were not so we paid via credit card but it’s good to know you can use your Dining Plan credits here too.)

The food?  Pretty good!  I wouldn’t say it was the best meal I’ve ever had but it was good enough and you’re not paying for the knock-your-socks off food but for the experience and the look on your kids’ faces when the animals come to life.

And hubby and my favorite?  The drinks!  They have a huge cocktail list.  It was lunch so hubby and I went with a beer which came in a hefty Jumbo sized glass that kept us happy after having flown down and dealt with airports all morning:






 Get more info on TRexcafe.com.  And highly recommend reservations.  There was a line of about 30 people waiting in the “no reservation line” when we were there.  Crazy.


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