A Must-Do for Any Lego Fan: LEGOLAND Florida @LegolandFlorida

20130403-123703.jpgHaving just returned from a trip to Orlando, I had to first write about our favorite theme park all week – LEGOLAND Florida! As huge Lego fans, it’s no surprise this was the family favorite.

First things first – LEGOLAND Florida is not in Orlando. In fact, it’s a good 45 minute drive south of Orlando (or north of Tampa!) and located in Central Florida. So you’ll either need to figure out a shuttle or rent a car to get there. It’s worth it though – I promise!

If you buy your LEGOLAND tickets ahead of time and print them out online, you can save a couple of bucks. We bought for the kids and saved almost $15 per child by selecting the day we intended on visiting.

Also, do yourself a favor and do a quick Google search on LEGOLAND ticket deals. We made a pit stop at a McDonald’s near LEGOLAND to grab some coffee before we went in, and hubby brought me out a flier just to show me that they had a special McDonald’s deal where if you buy 2 LEGOLAND adult tickets, you get 2 kids tickets free. So depending on when you are visiting, it’s worth looking into!

There are two parts to LEGOLAND Florida – the regular theme park and the water park. While we had tickets for both, but we spent 8 hours in the theme park and had no time for the water park. Next time!

You can see the different sections of the theme park on the LEGOLAND site but I’ll just highlight our favs.


Hands down – we all just loved Miniland. You can see photos in the gallery below but there are over 20 million bricks used to build the structures in Miniland. It’s incredible. Here, you’ll find tiny replicas of your favorite cities – New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas and more. My favorite was San Francisco – as a former San Franciscian I really appreciated all of the small details from the hills down to Fisherman’s Wharf, the seals and tourists at the Wharf too! Really incredible to see the attention to detail in the form of mini Lego bricks.

Oh and there’s an entire section of Miniland dedicated to Star Wars – our favorite was the 7 foot tall Darth Vader and Darth Maul!


For the thrill seeker in your group, there are plenty of rides to appease. My hubby and boys loved the Technic Track Roller Coaster. It’s a short, quick one and they rode it several times as it’s the first ride we walked to and did that day. Other roller coasters include Coastersaurus (they did this as well), Dragon and Flight School.  I recommend getting to these rides first thing – save Miniland for later in the day.  The queues for the coasters can get a bit out of control.  While my kids did the Technic Track coaster several times with no wait, we walked by hours later and saw it had a 90 minute wait!

My own personal favorite “ride” was a ride called the Lost Kindgom Adventure in the Land of Adventure; it was a shooting game similar to the Toy Story games in Disney. Two people to a “car” and you have to use your laser gun to shot various targets. Fun for the whole fam! After riding that, be sure to take the kids to Pharaoh’s Revenge – it’s a play structure fun for all ages nearby.

I loved too how walking around the entire park, you can spot random Lego structures.  Many of them are hidden!  Like small Lego squirrels on fences or something like this family of Red Pandas off in the grass near a walkway.  We made it a bit of a game to find the hidden Lego structures throughout the park.


Lego Kingdoms houses the Dragon roller coaster and a bunch of Lego structures you’ll recognize from the Lego Kingdoms line!  Here are my boys showing off their new swords & shields that they used their own money to buy at one of the stores in Lego Kingdoms:


There are also plenty of shows at the Wells Fargo Funtown Theater. We saw Spellbreaker 4D and everyone enjoyed it! There are shows about every hour and it’s nice for a quick break from the sun.

Another break from the sun that’s great for the boys is over in the Hero Factory section.  You get 20 minutes to enter a room and build your own Hero from Hero Factory with a room full of parts (just for fun – you don’t take the toy home. But who cares – when in Rome, right?  You’re in LEGOLAND, you gotta build with some Legos!)

20130403-123723.jpg 20130403-123543.jpg

There’s really something for everyone in LEGOLAND.  I can’t recommend it enough if you are a Lego fan or if you have one in your family.  Here’s a Printable Map of LEGOLAND Florida if you want to check out the attractions out yourself and let me know if you’ve been/gone and what you think!

Lastly, I had so many amazing photos I thought I’d leave you guys with a gallery of some other highlights from our day at LEGOLAND:

Disclaimer: We received complimentary media passes for the adults only to facilitate this review.

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