Let Me Tell Y’All How Much I Love @SeaWorld Orlando

I was seriously bummed when we missed our chance to visit SeaWorld in Orlando when we were there in March for Spring Break. We had scheduled it on a day after several Disney Park days and the kids must have just been over tired and exhausted. We pulled into the parking lot at SeaWorld and my youngest proceeded to throw up. We turned around and drove back to the hotel for a relaxing day at the pool.

So when I found out we were headed back to Orlando, I knew SeaWorld would be at the top of our to-do list. We stayed at the Renaissance SeaWorld – across the street – and spent a full day at the park. We literally walked in when it opened and walked out as it closed – something we have never done before and I think it’s a testament to how awesome the park is. None of us wanted to leave!

My boys do love marine life. That helped. But there’s just something about SeaWorld. It’s just a more relaxing day than a trip to Disney. Maybe because its not as popular or the lines aren’t as long? There’s also what felt like tons more shows. Whatever it was, we had a blast.

We saw all five shows that were offered during the day:
Pets Ahoy – super adorable show with all sorts of trained animals performing including cats & dogs! My boys loved this.


Blue Horizons

A’Lure, the Call of the Ocean – this one was my favorite. It was inside which was great timing as we hit the show during an afternoon rain storm. This is all acrobatic and I thought it was really impressive!


Clyde & Seamore Take Pirate Island – this was one of the kids favorites. Ours too! Pirates have sea lion mates and they perform together. Really cute! There’s a cameo in the end by a ginormous walrus too.



One Ocean – this is the Shamu show that you hear about. It’s incredibly impressive. We all loved it and we sat midway up in the splash section and we definitely got wet!


20130520-122911.jpgThere are plenty of rides too at Sea World. Manta and the Kraken are the “scary” roller coasters. Hubby and my 9-year-old went on Manta when we first got in and my husband’s first comment when he got off was, “I almost hurled up breakfast.” My poor 9 year old was dying to go again but no one would go with him – ha!

Both my boys and hubby loved the Journey to Atlantis ride too which is a lot like Disney’s Splash Mountain. It’s a log flume ride where you definitely get a little wet on this one!


There’s also plenty of chances to interact with the animals – there’s a dolphin and sting ray nursery!  Also, we ate at Dine at Shamu where you get a chance to hear from the trainers about the whales.  It was okay but I’d probably recommend skipping next time as it was expensive and we were just as close to the killer whales at the One Ocean show and it was a tad pricey.

Visit SeaWorld.com for more info and get yourself there!  One of our favs!

Disclaimer: As a member of the media, I was given a combination of comped tickets and discounted tickets to enter and review the park. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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