Disney World: Top 10 Scary Rides & Roller Coasters

top10scaryridesAre you a thrill seeker? Do you go to the amusement park and make a b-line for the scariest ride possible? If you are, you’re in good company with my 9 year old who lives for the thrill ride.

With his help, I’ve put together a list of the top 10 best “thrill” rides at Disney World (we’ve been twice this spring!) for those of you who like to go on those live-by-the-seat-of-your-pants rides. According to him, these are the rides you can’t miss if you want to have a little fun:

Dinosaur – Animal Kingdom. For some reason, we had no idea what this ride was about and went on it a few years ago when my youngest was only 2. He barely made the height requirement and I should have taken that as a sign that it wasn’t a chill ride. We heard “safari car tour” from someone walking out and didn’t think it would be a big deal. You are riding in a safari car in the dark as dinosaurs come at you. The ride is rough but the dark and the roaring dinosaurs are scary for young kids.

Primeval Whirl – Animal Kingdom. A smaller roller coaster in the “kiddie” area, this one has lots of twists and turns and it’s the first roller coaster my oldest went on so we have a special connection to this one! All three of my guys went on this repeatedly this past spring and they say it’s an exciting one for the whole family.

Expedition Everest – Animal Kingdom. Highly recommend getting the Fast Pass for this one, as this is arguably one of the most popular rides in Animal Kindgom. It’s the “big” roller coaster.

Test Track – Epcot. Buckle up after you’ve designed your own car – you get to ride in it! You’d also benefit from a Fast Pass with this one.

Mission Space – Epcot. Simulating a launch into space, my son didn’t go on it and was bummed. The line was enormous! But I went on as a kid and remember feeling pretty nauseated in the end!

Rock N Roll Roller Coaster – Hollywood Studios. Many people say this is the scariest ride at all of DisneyWorld. My 9-year-old couldn’t wait to go on it. And then go on it again. Thankfully a blogger friend went on it with him since I wasn’t going near it! This ride is in the dark and the ride goes from 0 to 60mph in 2 seconds and there are several upside down loops.

Tower of Terror – Hollywood Studios. You’re in an elevator whose cables break and you go plummeting to the ground. A no thank you for me and a repeat ride for my husband and son.

Space Mountain – Magic Kingdom. A roller coaster in the dark. Also to note – you’re strapped in alone so it’s not a good first time one for kids as you are riding “alone” (although you can ride right behind or in front of them)

Splash Mountain – Magic Kingdom. Not too scary but there’s a nice big drop that will drop your stomach a little bit towards the end! Prepare to get wet!

Mad Hatter Tea Cups – Magic Kingdom. I’m just throwing this one in here to make you all laugh. But really. The Mad Hatter and spinning around in circles? Preeeeeeeeeeeeetty scary to some folks. (Not naming names here. *coy look*)



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