A Day of Fun at Hersheypark

We headed out to Hershey, PA last weekend to take a visit to the infamous Hersheypark. I’ve been living only a little over an hour away from Hershey for the last twelve years but had never actually made it to the park! The kids have been begging for years and when a nice invite to host us at the park came from Chevrolet, we jumped on the opp. {Related Post: Family Trip to Hersheypark with Chevrolet}

I’m a huge ride wuss. I’ve said it before and will again – I hate anything thrill-seeking. I always really have but I have definitely gotten less adventurous in my old age.

Fun Height Requirement Labels
One of the neat things about Hershey is that they really label the level of the rides well. For starters, kids get categorized by height into Hershey candy categories. Then each ride will tell you the ride height limits based on what Hershey candy you are. The Jolly Rancher is for 5 feet plus. My 9 year old was the next level down, at a Twizzler, and was able to ride pretty much any ride in the park if he wanted. The next level down was the Hershey Bar, which was what category my 6-year-old fit into and honestly, he was able to ride almost all of the rides except for the really extreme ones.

20130825-124516.jpg 20130825-124511.jpg

Here’s the height breakdown. Each ride lists which “candy” is allowed on it at the start of the line. Many of the small guys (Hershey’s Minis) will have notes about them being able to go on the ride but how they have to be accompanied by an adult.

Screen Shot 2013-08-25 at 12.28.07 PM

The rides are also numbered 1-5 and list the level of thrill. For example, the biggest roller coaster my kids road was the Superdooperlooper and it’s a 5 which is an Aggressive Thrill Ride. It’s good to ask around though – the 5 is the highest/scariest rating and there are definitely some ones I wouldn’t let my kids go on that are much more thrill seeking! But the numbered system at least helps a bit when you are trying to decide what to ride.

Screen Shot 2013-08-25 at 12.30.18 PM

2-Days or More for Whole Thing?
Hersheypark has a HUGE footprint. I will say that you could definitely stand to spend two days here if you really wanted to explore all that it has to offer. We spent about 7 hours in the park on Saturday and only got a small taste of everything the park has to offer.

A couple of tidbits:

The middle of the park is a water park. I had asked some folks on Facebook prior to going if they recommended doing the water park too. The response was mixed. We did end up packing bathing suits and towels (there are locker rooms and lockers if you want to swim/get wet and store your stuff while you do so). It definitely does take time away from doing other things at the park but honestly, we enjoyed our time at the water park. It was really crowded at the park when we were there and having the water park break (we spent most of it in the wave pool) was a welcome respite from walking around the park otherwise.

Other Rides/Highlights

A good family all-play coaster is the Trailblazer. Hubby and my boys went on this a few times. I will say that my 9 year old said he was a little bored – he joked, “I almost got my book out to read while we were on it!” but he’s all about the make-me-puke rides. Hubby and my 6 year old loved this one and hubby compared it to Disneyworld’s Thunder Mountain.

Bumper cars:

20130825-124528.jpg 20130825-124523.jpg


Flying Falcon:

20130825-124544.jpg 20130825-124549.jpg

The Coal Cracker was a fav that they went on multiple times.

If you’re a crazy person and looking for the ultimate thrill, Sky Rush is one for you. You have to be a Twizzler or Jolly Rancher to ride this; same with Storm Runner and Great Bear. We asked some teens getting off Great Bear how it was and they said it made them feel “dizzy” and like they were “going to puke!” So there you go.

There were also plenty of little kids rides so it really felt like there was something for everyone. My boys also loved that there were tons of little arcades and small carnival type games interspersed throughout the park.

Find out more about Hersheypark on their website!

Disclaimer: Chervolet, a sponsor of Hersheypark, provided us with comped tickets to the park for the day. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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    My kids love the rides there! We’re in PA, but we don’t go here too often – although we TRIED to go Halloween 2011, only to be dumped on by a foot of snow 🙁 Can’t wait though, we are going next year!

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    It is amazing what we don’t see in our own backyards! I am down the road from Hershey Park too. My kids are just getting to the age where it is a fun place. I loved HP as a kid!

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    I am not sure who is more excited to get to Hershey Park…my husband or my kids:) I haven’t been there in years and can’t wait to go! Maybe this fall for sure. I love the pictures next to the candy height sign…what a great idea!

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