Treetop Adventure Park: Ziplining for Kids in Philadelphia

Love this little gem I found right here in Philly! The Treetop Adventure Park opened this past summer at the Elmwood Park Zoo and my boys are a huge fan.

There’s two levels of zip lining & treetop parkour within the middle of the park – one for kids and one for adults (or anyone over 54″).  Both of my boys did the kid version even though my 10 year old definitely could have done the adult one.  He would have needed an adult to accompany him and his friends were doing the younger version and for a first time zip line, the child zip line course was perfect.

A couple things to remember:  sneakers are required and be sure to check in first thing when you get to the zoo.  The Treetop Adventure Park is right in the middle of the zoo but it’s a small zoo!  You can take a walk over and check in and then come back.  It’s smart to do so because there can sometimes be a wait.  It was pretty empty the day we visited and we still had to come back about an hour later for our time.

My boys LOVED this.  Like loved.  we can’t wait to go back.

Here are some photos from the course – there were two sections, both ending with a zip line.  Find more info on The Treetop Adventure Park website and be sure to check it out if you are going to Elmwood Park Zoo!








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